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I recently decided to take my archery hobby to the web. It’s the result of that decision you are looking at right now. One of my last creations is a page about How to shoot a compound bow. It describes how I shoot the compound bow backtension style.

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My first compound tournament

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Yesterday I participated in my first competition with the compound bow. It went quite well and my score was 278 – 284 and a total of 562 F.I.T.A 18m. That was enough for a victory in the Gents Compound 40 class! So I guess the score was not too bad. From time to time I got that sensational feeling when everything just works and the arrows hit the inner 10. All I have to do now is to try to achieve that feeling every single shot! How hard could that be? At least that is what I'm striving for and I guess it's the same for all of us.
I must say that I'm very pleased with my equipment, especially my release. I use a Carter Evolution and it suits me fine since I shot the recurve bow before. My philosophy on how to shoot the compound bow is to have a dynamic shot with back tension and a little pressure with the bow arm, just enough so the arm doesn't drop dead in the release moment. This way of shooting suits me and I can recommend it to everyone. I have seen so many archers trying to stand still and then punching the release, so that has really scared me off from a more static shooting style. There certainly are some really good archers around who are successful with a more static shooting style, but they are in a minority as I see it.


A life of Archery

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Archery is easy. Just draw the string to the anchor and release when the sight is in the gold and your body is ready, i.e. in line and all that stuff. Yeah, what a great lie! The tricky thing is to repeat the movements involved equally every single shot. All of us who have been into archery for some time know that this take a lot of practice to achieve. But what a great reward it is when you got the right feeling and the arrows hit the gold! I would not change it for something else no matter what. You could say I got addicted to archery and I can just say it’s probably true. I have quit many times for different reasons but always returned to the sport after some time. I started before I was 10 and now I’m heading 40. So I guess it is a sport of a lifetime! I shot the Olympic Recurve for many years but I recently switched to compound. It’s great fun and I don’t have to struggle with a hold weight of 44 lbs any more! Tomorrow I’m going to participate in my firs tournament with the compound bow. Wish me good luck!

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