Archery Coach

The most important person in an archer's life is the archery coach. At an entry level, you should be able to get good coaching in your archery club. If you make some progress and want to compete at a national level, then you need help from a very experienced archer or a coach approved by your national archery association. Since archery is a recreational sport with very little money involved, finding a trained coach can be difficult. Many countries have a paid National head coach, but before you reach that level you need training from somebody else.

How to find an archery coach

Your local club should have experienced people that can help you get started with archery. If you become reasonably good you would probably benefit to get in contact with a coach trained by your national archery association. There are also some coaches that will charge you for a lesson, and sometimes it can be worth the money. If you want to compete in the highest level in archery you will most definitely need a top level coach. Your National archery association should have a list with approved coaches, so the best thing you can do is to ask someone at the archery association for a coach near where you live.

How to become an archery coach

If you want to become an archery coach you are probably already a good archer. Otherwise you have to learn to shoot quite well before even thinking about becoming a coach. You have to have a deep understanding of the sport, both technically and mentally, to be successful as an archery coach. Most countries have an educational system for archery coaches, so your club should know about these issues. It's common that you have several levels of coaches, so you have to start from the beginning and then work your way up to the top.

Korean archery coaches

Archery is a national sport of Korea. They have 250 paid archery coaches, so that's one of the reasons Korea is the leading nation of today's international archery. Some nations have chosen to hire a Korean coach as head coach for their national team. The first Korean coach to do so was top-coach Kisik Lee. He came to Australia and in the 2000 Olympics he got a champion in Simon Fairweather. In the 2004 Olympics he got a bronze medal with 17 year old Tim Cuddihy. Kisik Lee is now leading the team for the US.